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How to take care of your kicks

Kicks are the real deal. Aside from sports part, some kicks we wear for comfort, some we wear for health, some we wear as high fashion. They serve many purposes. There are times when for the sake of appearances or smells, your kicks need a cleaning. If you're in the habit of just randomly sponging through your kicks or not even cleaning at all, you need to quit doing that. Here are better ways instead! Most kicks and sneakers can be machine-washed, oh yes! Cleaning athletic shoes in the washing machine is a way to go for most pairs. This will be the best choice for sneakers made from synthetics or canvas like Vans and Keds. Never machine-wash sneakers made from hides, like leather and suede. That being said, this is a straightforward process but there are some things to take note of process to ensure your kicks come out as clean and undamaged. Before tossing your shoes in the washing machine, ensure to remove the laces. This ensures that the eyelets(the holes for lacing your shoes) have access to cleaning. Wash those laces too while you’re at it. Before trying to machine-wash a soiled sneakers, pretreat it using an enzymatic stain remover. Use cold water, and be gentle with the detergent. It can be tempting to use extra detergent if the shoes are extra dirty but detergent remnant will dampen your kicks appearance.

Air-dry your sneakers. Flip the top or tongue to cover the toe box so air can get into the interior of the shoes. After, stuff the toe box with a washcloth to absorb moisture. This is how to machine-wash your kicks.


There are however times when machine-washing aren’t the best choice.

There are however times when machine-washing aren’t the best choice. Here, you can use specialty cleaners or you can get down to using dish soap and an all-purpose cleaner. Note: Use an all-purpose cleaner 100% bleach-free to avoid color loss. For cleaning leather uppers, midsoles and outsoles an old, soft-bristled tooth brush is best. Dilute dish soap or all-purpose cleaner in a small bowl. Remove the laces from the shoe. Brush away to remove stains and soiling and produce clean gloriousness.

Note: Toothbrushes should not be used to clean suede or knit uppers. It is best to approach suede cleaning as a dry proposition. Use a suede brush and suede eraser instead. The brush should be used to wick away dirt and grime while the eraser will gently eliminate stains from suede without damaging what tends to be a fussy material. Knit sneakers need special handling too because the strands can easily get pulled. Be gentle when cleaning knit sneakers. Do not use a toothbrush on them as it can cause snags.

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